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Signals Matter has pioneered online portfolio management by bringing the best of Wall Street portfolio knowledge, service and performance to an ignored Main Street. Net result: Exceptional risk management, industry-leading market reports and actively managed portfolios made affordable to all.

Here’s the Problem: Interest rates are rapidly changing. Stocks are overvalued. That’s double trouble for traditional investing.

Not Your Standard Stock / Bond Portfolio

At Signals Matter, we recognize the value of hard-earned wealth and are here to grow and protect it. With interest rates voatile, bonds no longer provide a “safe-haven” hedge against stock declines. Stocks too are over-valued, which means double-trouble for traditional investing. Keeping your money safe requires diversification outside of just stocks and bonds to less-correlated, alternative solutions. That's what we do; that's how we help.

Tradional Portfolios
Stock & Bonds
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Our Solution:
Smart Portfolios for you

We Diversify Our Clients

“Alternative investing” is a core strength at Signals Matter. We’re not about just stocks and bonds. Rather, we reach beyond traditional investing to currencies, commodities, unconstrained and actively-managed investment approaches, including simple inverse ETF solutions that can profit during periods of systemic stress when stocks typically fall.

We Cater to Retail Investors

Alternative investing is typically reserved for the wealthy (accredited investors with over $1 million in liquid assets). No longer. We bring sophisticated investing to the retail space at an affordable price. There are no fancy hedge fund performance fees, capital lockups, or sky-high 2% annual fees charged by financial advisors. We assemble Portfolios Suggestions for you, so you can invest wisely.

We Protect Against Market Stress

Active portfolio management beats passive portfolio management hands down during periods of extreme market stress. While active and passive investment approaches each have a role to play, when the going gets tough, it's active management that protects. We’ve spent decades protecting investors in stressful markets by diversifying away concentrated risk.

We Make Diversified Investing Simple

Main Street has scant access to truly diversified portfolio solutions, that zig when markets zag, that protect on the downside, and that enable wealth to grow no matter what the market conditions. We do all the heavy lifting by adding, removing, and rebalancing Portfolio Suggestions as market opportunities shift. Ten minutes a day and your off and running.

Here's Why Our Solution
Is Better Than Others

We Diversify Differently

We educate our Subscribers on how to build diversified portfolios beyond stocks and bonds, how to adjust for market conditions, and when to rebalance.

We Understand Macro

We monitor GDP, yield curves, trends, leading indicators, ETF trends, money flows, volatility, liquidity, and more to help subscribers invest wisely.

We Provide Example Portfolios

Beyond providing Portfolio ideas, we build example Portfolios for Subscribers that weight our portfolio selections for market risk and investor risk tolerance.

Informed investing for
the times ahead

Tuned to what's really
going on in the
markets & economy

Free Market
Reports & Insights


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"I've been looking for something
like this for a while."

"Finally, a safe place to land and get some straight data. You guys have built something above the bar here. Thanks for putting this together. I've been looking for something like this for a while."

Brett J.

Los Angeles, CA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Everything I need is
right in front of me."

"One or two clicks and everything I need is right in front of me. Trend Watch keeps me on my toes. Love this."

Jennifer W.

New York, NY

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