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We’ve traded billions for and among the world’s largest banks, hedge funds and family offices. The perks were good, but the knowledge was too exclusive. We’re changing that. We created SignalsMatter.com to benefit all investor types.

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Our weather vane for the next recession, including recent GDP, Sector Trends, Leading Indicators, Yield Curves and our own Déjà Vu Recession Timer.

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Our solutions for your portfolio, including suggested Cash Allocations, Remainder Allocations and Portfolio Performance updates as market conditions change.

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Frequent market updates that comment on topics ranging from macro to micro on what you need to know to navigate around the inevitable icebergs that lie ahead.
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A user-friendly, online market school that imparts unique knowledge, common sense explanations and straight talk to make you a better investor or better equipped to “reality-test” your own advisor.

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Tom Lott and Matt Piepenburg, two seasoned Wall Street/Hedge Fund Veterans, eager to keep you constantly in the know on what’s happening now, why it's important, and what you need to do..NOW.
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Watch this Video: See Why Our Signals Work

Watch this Video: See How Our Signals Work


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With our free Investment Primer, you gain access to the portfolio secrets of your Signals Matters crew, two veteran investors who left Wall Street’s exclusive banks, hedge funds and family offices to share their insights with the real world, not the stuffy one. In one sitting, you’ll easily learn the fundamentals of over fifty combined years of security analysis, selection and risk management. New Edition January 2020, including examples of Subscriber Content.

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Rigged to Fail

Despite the record-breaking (and frankly dangerous) market highs of the post-2008 “recovery,” current securities markets are poised for an equally record-breaking, and wealth destroying, FALL. Rigged to Fail explains all of this with math, not opinions, and offers elegant approaches to protect informed investors from losing fortunes in the pending market storm. With over 50 combined years working in and among Wall Street’s top global banks, family offices and alternative investment funds, Matt and Tom bring an insider’s perspective that is free of fluff but rich with straight-talk, not sales talk.

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4 Easy and Must-Read Reports to Get You Started and in the Know

real financial advice

Real Financial Advice: Consider the Facts, Decide for Yourself

Dear Reader, if you’re looking for real financial advice and ways to manage your own portfolio, you’ve come to the
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market melt up now

A Market Melt-Up is Coming for 2019: Seven Tailwinds behind a Final Market Surge

Is a market melt-up coming? Yep. 73 shares For most of 2018, I warned my clients of a yield/interest-rate spike
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Market Meltdown

After the Melt-Up: Eight Triggers of a Market Meltdown

 Be warned: A market meltdown eventually (and always) follows a market melt-up… 55 shares  Market history confirms that markets can
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When Will the Market Crash

When Will the Market Crash?

For months, we have been asked hundreds of questions. We’ve endeavored to address nearly every query we receive directly or
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Discover How Storm Tracker Keeps Your Portfolio Safe

Signals Matter Storm Tracker is our starting point when it comes to assessing global risk, the proximity of the next recession and the amount of current cash you should be safeguarding at any particular time. In this 5-Part Series, we breakdown the importance of GDP, Trend Patterns, Leading Indicators, Yield Curves and our proprietary timing indicator, Déjà Vu – all components of Storm Tracker. To trust Storm Tracker, this is a must-read Series, available by clicking below. 

UPDATE xStorm Tracker Pic

What’s On Our Mind These Days?

In addition to distilling our complex algorithms, technical and fundamental indicators down to simple signals that surpass industry leading funds, we also think—and write—a lot about the market environment. Chose from these and many more topics. Dive in!

economic depression

Is the U.S. Already in Economic Depression?

Economic depression now? Huh? Well...despite profitless stocks like Tesla breaking levels of price insanity and markets ever-edging toward new highs, the U.S. ...
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Coronavirus and Yield Curve Dangers

Yield curve and coronavirus dangers are rearing their ugly head again, which means the Fed, and U.S. markets are nearing an impasse. ...
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Tesla melt-up

The Tesla Melt-Up: Scary or Justified?

There’s just no way to conclude this week without a discussion of  the Tesla melt-up. Who knows where the price of Tesla ...
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market fundamentals

Market Fundamentals Officially Don’t Matter Anymore

It's official folks, market fundamentals are no longer needed so long as the Fed has our back--which it will eventually stab, as ...
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European credit crisis

European Credit Crisis Means Tailwind for U.S. Markets

A European credit crisis could spell more bullish tailwinds for U.S. markets. Despite my undeniably longer-term and openly jaded concerns for our ...
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European markets

Bad News for European Markets, Good News for U.S. Markets?

If conditions seem nervous in the U.S. markets, they’re even worse in the European Markets. Oddly, such facts, as unpacked below, are ...
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