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The core problem facing the majority of investors is that financial experts fail to address two key needs, namely:

  • The need to be informed in plain-speak of the market forces that inform smart portfolio allocations; and
  • The need to provide retail investors with the same kind of sophisticated risk management and asset-diversification otherwise available to only the ultra-rich.

Born from Experience

Founded in 2017 by Tom Lott and Matt Piepenburg, Signals Matter has expanded its service range and efficency via strategic partnerships with leading Fintech providers whose online simplicity compliments the unique insights and credentials of its original board members.



  • Yale University, Economics
  • Wharton Graduate School, MBA International Finance
  • Portfolio Strategist, Signals Matter, LLC
  • World Bank, Division Manager, Europe
  • Morgan Stanley, Portfolio Manager, Financial Advisor
  • Headquarters Company, Private Equity
  • Commodity Trading Advisor, and, Commodity Pool Operator
  • Co-Author, Amazon's No#1 Release, Rigged to Fail
  • Vietnam Conflict, Intelligence Advisor to Navy Admiral Zumwalt
Board Member


  • Brown University, BA, Magma Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa
  • University of Michigan Law School, Juris Doctor
  • Harvard University, Masters
  • Current Partner, VON GREYERZ, AG, Zurich
  • Dresdner Bank, Germany
  • J.H. Johnson Family Office, General Counsel, CIO
  • Massey Quick & Co., Managing Director
  • Author, Amazon's No#1 Release, Rigged to Fail
  • Languages: English, French and German

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"I've been looking for something
like this for a while."

"Finally, a safe place to land and get some straight data. You guys have built something above the bar here. Thanks for putting this together. I've been looking for something like this for a while."

Brett J.

Los Angeles, CA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Everything I need is
right in front of me."

"One or two clicks and everything I need is right in front of me. Trend Watch keeps me on my toes. Love this."

Jennifer W.

New York, NY

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Rigged to Fail

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Despite the record-breaking (and frankly dangerous) market highs of the post-2008 "receovery,“ current securities markets are poised for an equally record- breaking and wealth destroying fall.
Rigged to Fail explains all of this with math, not opinions, and offers elegant approaches to protect informed investors from losing fortunes in the pending market storm. With over 50 combined years working in and among Wall Street's top global banks, family offices and alternative investment funds, Matt and Tom bring an insider's perspective that is free of fluff but rich with straight-talk, not sales talk.

The most ignored yet best kept secret to investing is this: Money is made by not losing it.

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