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Educated investors fare far better when it comes to investing. Our deep Library of over 300 Market Reports, Our Podcasts, and Our Best-Selling Book, Rigged to Fail, aim to do just that - educate yourself for free.


Making Common Sense of SVB and Yet Another Bank Crisis

March 17, 2023

The latest headlines, expanding by the day, are all pointing toward the ripple effect of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) et

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the USD

The USD Approaching a Waterloo Moment

February 26, 2023

The USD–Doomed Below we examine the USD and the historical interplay of losing wars, cornered egos, a doomed currency and

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embarrassing debt

Embarrassing Debt: Are Markets Doomed?

February 15, 2023

Below we look at the interplay of embarrassing debt, dying currencies and failed monetary fantasies masquerading as policies to suggest

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Rigged to Fail

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Despite the record-breaking (and frankly dangerous) market highs of the post-2008 "receovery,“ current securities markets are poised for an equally record- breaking and wealth destroying fall.
Rigged to Fail explains all of this with math, not opinions, and offers elegant approaches to protect informed investors from losing fortunes in the pending market storm. With over 50 combined years working in and among Wall Street's top global banks, family offices and alternative investment funds, Matt and Tom bring an insider's perspective that is free of fluff but rich with straight-talk, not sales talk.

The most ignored yet best kept secret to investing is this: Money is made by not losing it.

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Our Smart Portfolio Solutions include exclusive access to our constantly refreshed Market Commentary, to our proprietary Recession Analytics that forecast stormy weather and recessions ahead, and to our Smart Portfolios geared to your very own tolerance for risk, plus Market Tickers, Ticker News, and more. 

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Eye on the Markets

Eye on the Markets is published daily following each NYSE close, providing lively narrative and insights on what’s happening in the markets each day, why it matters, and what’s ahead, including a heads up on Portfolio changes.              By example...

Markets Notes for Wednesday

U.S. equity investors got a double dose of good news on Tuesday as the S&P 500 Index and the Nasdaq 100 Index each closed above their 50-day moving averages. Technically-inclined analysts see that as a green light for more gains ahead, a critical juncture for equities with the second-quarter earnings season just getting underway. The S&P 500 defied another late-day reversal in favor of closing near session highs. All eleven industry groups advanced. On Wednesday, we’ll be lightening our hedges by retiring two of three inverse ETFs (RWM & PSQ) and TAIL as well, in favor of Semiconductors (SOXX), Consumer Discretionary (XLY), and Transportation (IYT) - all relatively beaten down but now showing signs of life. 

up_aaa_Mod Port Eye

Pulling It All Together

Pulling It All Together is a Subscriber favorite, according to polling. Published on Sundays, each Edition highlights ten compelling charts with accompanying narrative that informs on what’s happening now in the markets and Portfolios. By example…


"Outflows from global equity funds are still only just starting to catch up with investor pessimism," Bank of America said last week, citing EPFR fund flows and allocation data across markets, regions, and asset classes. "Everyone is bearish, but no one has sold," BOA said. This week's Pulling It All Together supports BOA's view that no one (or certainly not enough) investors have sold. This week we describe inflation stoking recession, Fed preferences for higher rate hikes, and tumbling confidence among CEOs and consumers, along with insights into Model Portfolio construction. 

Inflation & Recession

It's been four months since the interest rate hiking cycle began, yet inflation continues to soar. Nineteen of the 21 major line items in June's CPI report were reported recently to be higher than the average of the previous six months, clearly stoking recession probabilities (chart-left). Within the left-hand chart, we've inserted a mini chart from the WSJ's "Daily Shot" that shows the timing in months to the next US recession fast falling. Chart-right, we show the Atlanta Fed GDPNow model estimate for Q2:2022 real GDP growth, namely -1.6 percent. If we get a print of -1.6% GDP for 2:2020, we're already in recession. Keeping It Simple: Fast-falling timing to the next recession isn't falling fast enough, for if the GDPNow estimate is correct, we're already in a recession. 


Storm Tracker

Storm Tracker is a proprietary tool that tracks over 100 market and leading indicators across multiple timeframes. Storm Tracker assesses market risk, assigns recession probabilities, and informs on cash allocations across Model Portfolios.   By example…

UP_aaa_stotm tkr

Portfolio Allocations

Model Portfolio allocations are provided for each Portfolio, sorted and illustrated by sector. As you can see from the illustrations below, our Portfolios are not traditionally allocated 60/40 to stocks and bonds. Those days are over.                By example...


Realtime Performance

Descriptions, performance graphs, and scrolling news are provided for each Model Portfolio selection, with data constantly refreshed. Topical news feeds from multiple sources provide third party news and views on Portfolio selections. By example…

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U.S. & Global Markets

Our domestic tickers and global heat map are informative and interactive. Subscribers have the ability chose timeframes, zoom to full screen, apply technical overlays and analysis, and access global indices and constantly refreshed news.        By example…

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up_aaa_global heat map

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