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Melt-Up Risk

Investor Complacency Risks & Cycles in A Melt-Up

Originally Published November 25 2019   31 shares   Warning signs are flashing as dangerous complacency sets in… Lately, the markets

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Revisiting Gold

We’re on a journey together through a distorted Twilight Zone of a market. So naturally, readers are constantly commenting and

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U.S. Debt

What WE are Seeing That the Media Won’t Tell YOU: DEBT Storm Warnings

The U.S. has crossed the debt Rubicon of no-return yet all we see in the headlines is, well… gibberish. In

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Rigged to Fail Markets—What YOU Can Do in This New Abnormal

by Matt Piepenburg 98 shares   American investors have never experienced such a profitable run… The bull market in stocks, now

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The Myths Behind MMT–The Last Desperate Policy to Postpone Disaster

30shares   Desperate times call for desperate ideas, so it’s no surprise that MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) is getting increasing

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Summer stock market forecast

Charts We Use to Predict a Winding Summer and Volatile Fall—With a Year-End Fed Tailwind (Bailout) Likely

by Matt Piepenburg 23 shares   On Monday, May 20, markets opened with the S&P 500 down .67% on news of

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Elliot Wave

What The Elliot Wave Is Telling Us

by Matt Piepenburg 20 shares   In my latest post, I introduced to you the Signals Matter “Storm Tracker.” I explained how we track

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Introducing the Signals Matter Storm Tracker Cash Allocation Tool

by Matt Piepenburg 23shares You can navigate all market conditions like you’re checking the daily forecast. This week my daughter and

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More Real Estate Woes

by Matt Piepenburg 24 shares You’ve seen me list a number of reasons for a melt-up leading to an epic market fall from

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The Bad Guys Behind the Tariff War Are Right Here in the U.S.A.

by Matt Piepenburg 19 shares   The President’s latest tweet-attack on China has sent investors into an early May panic, as

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