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The Fed is lost

Why I Don’t Feel Sorry for the Fed

40 shares Even after last week’s much-anticipated rate cut, Powell has been getting hammered by White House tweets for not

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Investor Questions

The Four Most Critical Questions Every Investor Should Ask

38 shares Readers, clients, and market watchers across the bull-to-bear spectrum have joined our efforts here at Signals Matter to not

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QE 4

Quantitative Easing Is Back-My Advice: Markets Are Gonna Soar!

46 shares Folks, I had to pause a fly-fishing trip to make this video, here, begging you to take action

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Fed rally

The Fed Just Gave You a FAT Pitch

54 shares Last week, the Fed rolled out the money printers yet again, to engage in a $60 billion monthly

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Twilight Zone Markets

You’re Now Entering the “Twilight Zone”

25 shares Last week was crazy in the markets, and this one will likely be no less so – if

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Euro Dollar Liquidity Crisis

Dollar Liquidity: The Euro Dollar Time Bomb No One Hears Ticking

67 shares There are just not enough dollars today to meet the fantastic array of nuanced and complex dollar demand

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Repo Market

The Ongoing Repo Question – More Proof of a Rigged to Fail Market

54 shares In the wake of last week’s repo market panic, I realized that there is much more to be

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Three Legs of a Broken Market Stool

40 shares We’re enjoying your comments and questions – especially one that essentially reads, “What’s holding these markets up with

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Fed intervention

How Fed Intervention is Playing You

Folks, if you had any doubts about what drives our market, yesterday’s 25 basis point rate cut should now make

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Rigged to fail market

Rigged to Fail Market—What YOU Can Do in This New Abnormal

Below we list a number of fact-confirmed reasons why this market, currently enjoying a bull-run based on central bank support,

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