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Passive ETF

Passive ETFs & “Pie Chart Portfolios”: The Hidden Rope That Will Ultimately Choke This Bull

29 shares As we look back on 2019 and gaze toward 2020, we remain bemused by a market that is

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Twilight Zone Markets

You’re Now Entering the “Twilight Zone”

25 shares Last week was crazy in the markets, and this one will likely be no less so – if

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Repo Market

The Ongoing Repo Question – More Proof of a Rigged to Fail Market

54 shares In the wake of last week’s repo market panic, I realized that there is much more to be

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Three Legs of a Broken Market Stool

40 shares We’re enjoying your comments and questions – especially one that essentially reads, “What’s holding these markets up with

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Italian Bonds

No One’s Looking at Italy – Here’s Why That’s a Mistake

51 shares Italian yields have recently lost their minds and will directly impact the sanity of U.S. wallets if you’re

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compressed Treasury yields

A Dangerous Yield Compression Just Waiting to Uncoil

60 shares This will be a brief but extremely important Signals Matter Report. With the month nearly over and as we

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Austrian Bonds

What a Simple Austrian Bond Says About the Future of Stocks, Markets, and Real Estate

35 shares The global bond market is spiking, which means unprepared investors in stocks, credits, and even real estate are poised for

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Rigged to fail market

Rigged to Fail Market—What YOU Can Do in This New Abnormal

Below we list a number of fact-confirmed reasons why this market, currently enjoying a bull-run based on central bank support,

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2018 Market Review

Thinking Hard About 2018 and the Year Ahead—Market Warnings.

  Below, we get philosophical and financial, looking back on the year that was 2018 and what its condition portends

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Junk Bonds

The Sun is Setting on Junk Bonds…

Below, we re-cap market signals for the month of November, giving special attention to junk bonds (see video here as

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