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Carefully Bullish for 2020’s Opening Bell?

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carefully bullish

Carefully Bullish for 2020’s Opening Bell?

As of this writing, we are carefully bullish, but haven’t forgotten the sharks swimming beneath the bullpen. 19 shares As

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market fundamentals

Market Fundamentals Officially Don’t Matter Anymore

It’s official folks, market fundamentals are no longer needed so long as the Fed has our back–which it will eventually

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European markets

Bad News for European Markets, Good News for U.S. Markets?

If conditions seem nervous in the U.S. markets, they’re even worse in the European Markets. Oddly, such facts, as unpacked

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market sectors

Market Sectors and Macros: 80% of Successful Investing

Below we look at the critical importance of “the macros” and identifying the winning market sectors. 41 shares Last week

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robo trades

Robo Trades, Tech Stocks and Other Rocks Beneath this Latest Market Wave

Below we address the issue of robo trades in the backdrop of crazy markets. Staying Smart While Partying Back in

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tech stocks

It’s Earnings Season—Tech Stocks Surging as China Wobbles

Earnings season is back and tech stocks are surging. 24 shares Happy Monday, and as per our practice, let’s start

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dollar and inflation

The Dollar and Inflation and Gold—Just Follow the Money

Questions about the dollar and inflation and gold continue to rise.  Let’s follow the money and address the same. 35

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geopolitical risk

Insider Secrets: Geopolitical Risk You Must Consider

Geopolitics, and geopolitical risk, are a separate category of market risk which we address below. 31shares This week, as I

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2020 Markets

Looking Ahead: What We See for 2020 Markets

As the fireworks dim and empty champagne bottles litter a table, beach or kitchen near you, we can turn toward

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