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Party on New Year’s Eve? Not For Risk Managers or US Exporters…

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U.S. Exporters

Party on New Year’s Eve? Not For Risk Managers or US Exporters…

U.S. exporters face a bumpy 2020. 23 shares Welcome back to What’s Happening Now, our last report for an eventful year

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Passive ETFs

Passive ETFs & “Pie Chart Portfolios”: The Hidden Rope That Will Ultimately Choke This Bull

Passive ETFs are popular, effective and, as we’ll see below, a bubble as well as potential pain accelerator in the

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Has the Fed Outlawed Recessions?

After over a decade of rising markets, many are starting to think that recessions no longer exist. 27 shares As

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bears and bulls

Focus on Facts Rather than Bears & Bulls In a 2019 of Fed U-Turns

Hear at Signals Matter, we’re more focused on what the market is telling us, not the fight between bears and

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Financial Media

The Financial Media vs Debt Realism

As markets reach for new highs, no one–especially the financial media– is seeing the debt storm on the ground. 49

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gold investing

Revisiting Gold Investing

Gold investing remains on our minds, and we explain why below. 30 shares We’re on a journey together through a

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