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A Dangerous Yield Compression Waiting to Uncoil

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yield compression

A Dangerous Yield Compression Waiting to Uncoil

Below we look at yield compression. And trust me: This is very important. 60 shares This will be a brief

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Austrian Bond

The 100-Year Austrian Bond – Pure Crazy

Below, we look at the implications behind a 100-year Austrian bond… 35 shares The global bond market is spiking, which

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buy gold

Buy Gold –Insurance In a Fiat World

For months, readers have been inundating us with questions about precious metals and whether or not they should buy gold.

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Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett Is Worried –Transportation Industry Woes

Now here’s something on the mind of  Warren Buffett that you may not have expected me to talk about today: The

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Algorithm Markets

Algorithm Markets and a Bumpy Autumn Ahead

In the modern struggle between old-school balance sheet fundamentals and computerized, trend-measuring “quants,” the robots seem to have won, as

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Lehman Brothers

Is This Our “Lehman Moment”?—Not Yet…

A week ago, the Fed lowered interest rates (for the first time in over a decade) and the White House

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Fed intervention

How Fed Intervention is Playing You

Folks, if you had any doubts about what drives our market, yesterday’s 25 basis point rate cut should now make

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