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bond and stock markets

Is the Ice Thinning Beneath the Bond and Stock Markets?

  Below, we continue our look at more data on yields, bond and stock markets, inflation and the increasingly thin

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market crisis

The Perfect Market Storm— Market Crisis and Opportunity Ahead.

Market Crisis Below, we look at the convergence of Quantitative Tightening, pending US Treasury debt expansion and a long-in-the-tooth business

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Recession concerns

Recession Concerns: The Main Street Economy vs. Wall Street Bubble.

Recession Concerns Below we look at the inverted relationship between the Main Street economy and the Wall Street bubble in

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GDP, Keynesian v. The Austrian School and the Rocks Beneath this Market Wave

GDP, Keynesian v. The Austrian School and the Rocks Beneath this Market Wave Below we look at the recent GDP

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Bitcoin. Investment or Gamble?

Bitcoin. Investment or Gamble? I recently toe-dipped into the Bitcoin topic in a blog posted on 12/7; and since then

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rational markets

China, Bitcoin and Rational Markets Losing Reason.

China, Bitcoin and Rational Markets Losing Reason. Below we look at: market euphoria (and loss of reason), how we got

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2017 Tax Reform Bill

Looking Under the Hood of the 2017 Tax Reform Bill

2017 Tax Reform Bill Below we look at the 2017 tax reform bill passed this week. As we quickly discover, it’s pretty

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Market Graphs

Rated R: Three Important Market Graphs You Need to Check

Market Graphs Warning, This Blog Contains Graphic Scenes of Market Violence Below, we look at recent market graphs on debt,

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Market Facts: More Important than Market Bulls, Market Bears or the Main Stream Financial Media.

Spinning vs. Reporting Below, we look at the Main Stream Financial Media and its role in market-spinning rather than market

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  Below we look at the last new trading vehicle to emerge from the crypts of Wall Street, the NYSE’s

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