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Bulls or Bears?

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Bear or Bull

Bulls or Bears?

Bulls or bears? One can actually be the latter yet invest like the former. 16 shares I’ve given you plenty

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Chinese Growth

China’s REAL “Growth” Story Sends Ominous Message

  7 shares  China’s real growth story ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. The media cheerleaders are back at

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How Capitalism Ends: The Elites Killed It.

Below we look at how capitalism ends and provide the data to prove it. 81shares As facts change, opinions change.

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market risk

U.S. Markets: “It’s All Gonna Blow One Day, Ain’t It?”

U.S. markets are enjoying a dangerous tightrope walk with over-stimulation. Not too long ago I was chatting with an Australian

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French Money Printing: A History Lesson in Crazy

Below we look at French Money printing circa 1793…You’ll quickly see a dangerous pattern similar to American politics, QE and

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Market Meltdown

After the Melt-Up: Eight Triggers of a Market Meltdown

 Be warned: A market meltdown eventually (and always) follows a market melt-up… 55 shares  Market history confirms that markets can

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market melt up now

A Market Melt-Up is Coming for 2019: Seven Tailwinds behind a Final Market Surge

Is a market melt-up coming? Yep. 73 shares For most of 2018, I warned my clients of a yield/interest-rate spike

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unemployment lie

The Unemployment Lie

44 shares. Here we look bluntly at the unemployment lie that has been in play in US markets. The political

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