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WeWork Scam: Capitalism Has Left the Building

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WeWork scam

WeWork Scam: Capitalism Has Left the Building

Recent discoveries behind the WeWork scam are eye-brow raising… 45 shares Earlier this month, we saw how stock buybacks and “pump

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Earnings Season

The Scary Truth Behind Earnings Season

Earnings season is back, and so is the distortion. 39 shares In the backdrop of what are now undeniably central

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Market Questions

The Four Most Important Market Questions

Below, we examine what we consider to be the four most important market questions every investor should be thinking about.

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Quantitative Easing

Quantitative Easing Is Back-My Advice: Markets Are Gonna Soar!

Quantitative Easing is back folks, and that just means one thing: Risk on! Party on! 46 shares Folks, I had

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market fat pitch

The Fed Just Gave You a Market FAT Pitch

Below, we look at a market Fat pitch, compliments of the Fed’s strong right arm–a money printing fast ball that

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German markets

German Lessons – Warnings from German Markets

German markets, and German investors are beginning to show signs of impatience with over-heated central bank policies. Below, we dig

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Twilight Zone Markets

Twilight Zone Markets

These are, well…Twilight Zone markets. Below, we explain why. 25 shares Last week was crazy in the markets, and this

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Corporate insiders

Corporate Insiders Cashing In as Market Volatility Looms

Market volatility is back, setting up a perfect scenario for trouble first and a Fed bailout second.  But for now,

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Euro Dollar

Dollar Liquidity: The Euro Dollar Time Bomb No One Hears Ticking

Almost no one understands the dangers coming out of the Euro Dollar market and what the lack of liquidity (i.e.

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