October 2019 | Signals Matter

WeWork: The One Company That Tells You Capitalism Has Left the Building

WeWork Disaster

WeWork: The One Company That Tells You Capitalism Has Left the Building

45 shares Earlier this month, we saw how stock buybacks and “pump ’em and dump ’em” schemes not only distort market price

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Earnings Season

The Scary Truth Behind Earnings Season

39 shares Earnings season is back, and so is the distortion. In the backdrop of what are now undeniably central

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Investor Questions

The Four Most Critical Questions Every Investor Should Ask

38 shares Readers, clients, and market watchers across the bull-to-bear spectrum have joined our efforts here at Signals Matter to not

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QE 4

Quantitative Easing Is Back-My Advice: Markets Are Gonna Soar!

46 shares Folks, I had to pause a fly-fishing trip to make this video, here, begging you to take action

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Fed rally

The Fed Just Gave You a FAT Pitch

54 shares Last week, the Fed rolled out the money printers yet again, to engage in a $60 billion monthly

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German stock market

German Lessons – Dire Warnings from Overseas

71 shares Things are falling apart across the Atlantic, and the implications for U.S. investors are now loud and clear.

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Twilight Zone Markets

You’re Now Entering the “Twilight Zone”

25 shares Last week was crazy in the markets, and this one will likely be no less so – if

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Executive Rats are Jumping Ship as the Volatility Iceberg Looms

23 shares You may have noticed that yesterday’s markets saw an intraday swing of 450 points. Volatility has once again

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Euro Dollar Liquidity Crisis

Dollar Liquidity: The Euro Dollar Time Bomb No One Hears Ticking

67 shares There are just not enough dollars today to meet the fantastic array of nuanced and complex dollar demand

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