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Western Sanctions: Aimed at Putin, Shot in the Foot

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Western sanctions

Western Sanctions: Aimed at Putin, Shot in the Foot

As we’ve recently noted, weaponized western sanctions and finance have a way of backfiring. Below, we look at how the

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De-Dollarization and Petrodollar Rumblings—Uh Oh?

There are increasing signs of “uh-oh” in the world of the once-mighty Petrodollar. From Trigger Happy to Shot in the

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Global Financial System

The Global Financial System Has Changed (And Gold is Reacting)

Unbeknownst to the highly one-sided media perspectives of late, the global financial system has changed. Despite massive price volatility of

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Ukrainian war

Ukrainian War: Sanctions vs. Sanity

In the tragic backdrop of the Ukrainian war, we consider the hard yet ignored math of failed Western financial systems

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war in Ukraine

War in Ukraine—Back to the Future?

As heated headlines all point to the war in Ukraine, saber rattling is sadly a key topic once again. The

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