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command control economy

Command Control Economy or Sudden Implosion?

Folks, we are heading toward a command control economy. Good grief… Over the years I’ve written almost ad nauseum about

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2020 Market Review

A Visual 2020 Market Review

Below, I informally share my 2020 Market Review with a brief video to close a year none of us will

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Bonds Won’t Save You

Below, we look at bonds… The Traditional 60/40 Portfolio The traditional 60/40 stock/bond portfolio has been getting a lot of

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Signals Matter

Signals Matter — Three Years of Video Snippets

It has been three years to the day since I shared my first informal video with Signals Matter subscribers, and

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interest rates

Nailing Interest Rates to the Floor Through 2023—More Fed Stupid

Below we look at interest rates as a symbol of, well…stupid. Predictable is as Predictable Does In my last report

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market bear

Market Bear Fundamentals Vs. Bullish Tapes

The market bear is clearly out of his cave, but recent stock surges remind us that bulls don’t die easily.

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carefully bullish

Carefully Bullish for 2020’s Opening Bell?

As of this writing, we are carefully bullish, but haven’t forgotten the sharks swimming beneath the bullpen. 19 shares As

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market sectors

Market Sectors and Macros: 80% of Successful Investing

Below we look at the critical importance of “the macros” and identifying the winning market sectors. 41 shares Last week

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Austrian Bond

The 100-Year Austrian Bond – Pure Crazy

Below, we look at the implications behind a 100-year Austrian bond… 35 shares The global bond market is spiking, which

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How Capitalism Ends: The Elites Killed It.

Below we look at how capitalism ends and provide the data to prove it. 81shares As facts change, opinions change.

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