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Why Gold Matters as Markets Spiral in QT

Gold Matters

Signals Matter co-founder Matthew Piepenburg shares thoughts on why gold matters as markets spiral into a QT corner, all discussed in the following conversation with Clay Finck of Millennial Investing from the Investor Podcast Network.

For investors of any age or expertise level, Matthew addresses: 1) the importance of “constructive destruction” in grossly over-valued risk assets; 2) historical examples of prior “money printing” disasters in 18th century France; 3) foreseeable Fed moves in the near-future; and 4) the role of gold in portfolios as both currency insurance and as a superior safe-haven to over-bought bonds.

Many of the foregoing themes can be found in Matthew’s most recent book, Gold Matters.

Gold Matters

For Signals Matter readers, Gold Matters is the perfect compliment to Matthew & Tom’s 2020 book (and warning) Rigged to Fail.

Gold Matters

Together, these recent works answer, address and solve for so many of the questions, issues, concerns and frustrations investors face as markets, currencies and economies experience the sad yet inevitable volatility which always follows rigged-to-fail monetary policies and weak fiscal leadership from cornered, discredited and frankly dangerous central bank mismanagement of our markets and economies.


Tom and Matt


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