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Superior data, analysis and portfolio guidance; you control your money; we lower your risk, at a fraction of the cost.

Hedge Funds

Open only to the wealthy; very expensive; unshared market guidance; no transparency; lockup your money; yet hugely under-perform.

Investment Advisors

Charge 1-2% on assets; $10k or more each year for passively-managed 60%/40% pie chart portfolios; poorly adjusted for risk.

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Our compendium of what's happening each day in the markets:

  • Frequent market reports
  • Global heat maps
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  • Daily market charts
  • ETF sector flows

What's Ahead

Storm Tracker, our weather vane for what's ahead:

  • GDP growth, simplified
  • Sector trends, simplified
  • Leading indicators, simplified
  • Yield curves, simplified
  • Our Déjà Vu recession timer

Your Portfolio

An all-weather portfolio that keeps you safe in all market conditions:

  • Strategic cash allocations
  • Remainder allocations
  • Recent performance
  • On-line charting tools
  • Investment methodologies

The Market School

Our very-own, user-friendly, on-line market school that imparts:

  • Experienced market insights
  • Common sense explanations
  • Straight talk, not sales talk
  • Reality-check your advisor
  • Video tour

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