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MMT Myths–The Last Desperate Policy to Postpone Disaster

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MMT Myths–The Last Desperate Policy to Postpone Disaster

MMT, or “Modern Monetary Theory, is in vogue because desperation out of DC is reaching new highs. Below we deconstruct

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Summer stock market forecast

Market Charts We Use to Track Stock Direction

We use a litany of market charts and data points to better inform the probability of an up or downward

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Elliot Wave

What The Elliot Wave Is Telling Us

Below we look at the all-important Elliot Wave and what this means for your portfolio construction. 20 shares In my latest

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Introducing the Signals Matter Storm Tracker Cash Allocation Tool

Below we look at cash allocation recommendations driven by our proprietary Storm Tracker tool. 23 shares This week my daughter

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Apple's Stock

How Apple’s Stock Explains Everything

In this critical report, we examine how a Apple’s stock can rise in price despite declining revenues, profits and free-cash-flow.

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More Real Estate Problems

Real estate problems loom in the backdrop, as always… and it’s due to cheap debt, low rates and a mis-match

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Japanese market lesson

Japanese Markets: A Warning for the U.S.A.

Japanese markets are a warning template for informed U.S. investors. 44 shares Growing up in the 1980s, Japan’s sun was

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Tariff War Blame: Right Here in the U.S.A.

Tariff war blame is closer to home than you might otherwise think. 19 shares The President’s latest tweet-attack on China

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Recession and Inflation Con-Job

There’s a recession and inflation con-job blowing at full speed. 15 shares There’s much talk these days about a future

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