market fat pitch

The Fed Just Gave You a Market FAT Pitch

Below, we look at a market Fat pitch, compliments of the Fed’s strong right arm–a money printing fast ball that

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Twilight Zone Markets

Twilight Zone Markets

These are, well…Twilight Zone markets. Below, we explain why. 25 shares Last week was crazy in the markets, and this

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Repo Market

Ongoing Repo Market Questions – Proof of a Rigged Market

The repo market just imploded, and we answer your questions below. 54 shares In the wake of last week’s repo

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stock buybacks

Three Broken Legs: The Fed, Stock Buybacks & Passive Index Funds

Below, we look at the three broken legs keeping our broken market stool wobbling rather than falling. Hint: One of

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When Will the Market Crash

When Will the Market Crash?

For months, we have been asked hundreds of questions. We’ve endeavored to address nearly every query we receive directly or

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Italian markets

Italian Markets–Mama Mia

Below we look at all the problems in Italian markets and what that means for all investors. 51 shares Italian

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portfolio construction

Re-Thinking Traditional Portfolio Construction

Given that there’s nothing traditional or at all normal about Fed-rigged,  post-08 markets, it only makes sense to re-think traditional

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yield compression

A Dangerous Yield Compression Waiting to Uncoil

Below we look at yield compression. And trust me: This is very important. 60 shares This will be a brief

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Austrian Bond

The 100-Year Austrian Bond – Pure Crazy

Below, we look at the implications behind a 100-year Austrian bond… 35 shares The global bond market is spiking, which

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Rigged to fail market

Rigged to Fail Market—What YOU Can Do in This New Abnormal

Below we list a number of fact-confirmed reasons why this market, currently enjoying a bull-run based on central bank support,

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