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Fed rally

The Fed Just Gave You a FAT Pitch

54 shares Last week, the Fed rolled out the money printers yet again, to engage in a $60 billion monthly

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German stock market

German Lessons – Dire Warnings from Overseas

71 shares Things are falling apart across the Atlantic, and the implications for U.S. investors are now loud and clear.

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Twilight Zone Markets

You’re Now Entering the “Twilight Zone”

25 shares Last week was crazy in the markets, and this one will likely be no less so – if

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Executive Rats are Jumping Ship as the Volatility Iceberg Looms

23 shares You may have noticed that yesterday’s markets saw an intraday swing of 450 points. Volatility has once again

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Euro Dollar Liquidity Crisis

Dollar Liquidity: The Euro Dollar Time Bomb No One Hears Ticking

67 shares There are just not enough dollars today to meet the fantastic array of nuanced and complex dollar demand

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Repo Market

The Ongoing Repo Question – More Proof of a Rigged to Fail Market

54 shares In the wake of last week’s repo market panic, I realized that there is much more to be

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Three Legs of a Broken Market Stool

40 shares We’re enjoying your comments and questions – especially one that essentially reads, “What’s holding these markets up with

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The Saudi Arabia Black Swan: What It Means for this Fall’s Markets

29 shares By Sunday morning last, the smoke rising from drone attacks on Aramco’s oil production facilities in Saudi Arabia

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Whenever It Hits—The Next Recession Will be GLOBAL

28 shares Welcome back to What’s Happening Now, your weekly guide to what’s going on right now and why it matters to

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The “Perfect Pension Storm” Part II

28 shares Last Friday, we dove into the U.S. Pension Fund Disaster, where we set up the backdrop for how pension funds can

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