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2021 Markets

Monetary Water Boarding, Angry Crowds & 2021 Markets

Protestors marching on the U.S. Capital is never a good sign of the year ahead and the outlook for 2021

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market fantasy zone

From Market Twilight Zone to Market Fantasy Zone

In the past, I’ve written about market Twilight Zones and Fed Dangers Zones, but at this point we’re essentially looking

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Investor's Podcast

Investor’s Podcast with Matthew Piepenburg

Below, we share the latest market insights from the Investor’s Podcast Network featuring Signals Matter co-founder, Matthew Piepenburg.

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2020 Market Review

A Visual 2020 Market Review

Below, I informally share my 2020 Market Review with a brief video to close a year none of us will

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To Buy or Not to Buy – That is (Always) the Question

These are Awkward Times Amid a global pandemic, stocks are hitting new highs. Should we buy into this rally? Hedge

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small businesses

Extinct Small Businesses, Portfolio Risk and More Polo Stories…

Small businesses, like the middle class who comprise them, are dying. This is not fable, but fact, and the implications

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COVID, Bezos, Serfs and Other Risks to America’s Economic Health

Below we look at  the currents impacting America’s economic health. The symptoms (and culprits) might surprise you. Biases It’s no

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Bitcoin, Gold and Polo Ponies?

Below we compare Bitcoin with gold as: 1) a store of value, 2) a wealth preservation tool and 3) as

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Bonds Won’t Save You

Below, we look at bonds… The Traditional 60/40 Portfolio The traditional 60/40 stock/bond portfolio has been getting a lot of

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market questions

Market Questions—Heading to Euphoria or Exhaustion?

Below we address key market questions as risk assets reach new highs against a tired buying cycle. Hedging Market Tops

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