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Our Portfolio Service – Old Before 2021-10-27

Our Portfolio Service

Portfolios That Grow Your Wealth in Any Market Environment

Not Your Standard Stock / Bond Portfolio

At Signals Matter, we recognize the value of hard-earned wealth and are here to grow and protect it. With interest rates hovering near zero and threatening to rise, bonds no longer provide a “safe-haven” hedge against stock declines. Stocks too are over-valued, which means double-trouble for traditional investing. Keeping your money safe requires diversification outside of stocks and bonds to less-correlated, alternative solutions. That’s what we do; that’s how we help.

Traditional Portfolios

Stock & Bond Correlation

Signals Matter Portfolios

Stock, Bond, Commodity, Currency, Precious Metal & Other Correlation

Why Our Portfolios are Different

Better performing portfolios are diversified portfolios, a notion that goes well-beyond the common understanding of most investors. Meaningful diversification is not about growth vs. value, or high-cap vs. low-cap, stock vs. bonds. It’s about allocating smartly across less-correlated stocks, interest rates, bonds, real estate, currencies, commodities, precious metals, countries, sector-focused funds, and alternative asset classes, long and short.

The core of our portfolio solution is to invest in a limited number of less correlated instruments with market momentum and growth potential behind them.

Truly Diversified

Truly diversified portfolios incorporate all asset classes, not just stocks and bonds.

Truly Uncorrelated

Truly uncorrelated portfolios are not beholden to stock, bond,
and interest rate risk.


Actively-managed portfolios zig when the markets zag, providing
an extra layer of portfolio protection.

What You Get When You Join Signals Matter

Our portfolio solutions are the perfect choice for anyone that wants to have a truly diversified portfolio and have their wealth actively managed. We provide everything you need in order to outperform the market with less risk:


Active Portfolio Suggestions

Each week, and more frequently if markets dictate, we provide you with twenty Portfolio Suggestions complete with tickers, descriptions, attributes, and holdings. Just follow our lead. Portfolios are priced in real time, so you always know where you are, intra-day, weekly, and 5-days back, for each Suggestion and for each Portfolio as a whole.


Signals that Matter

Each week, we invite you behind the curtains to see which Signals matter when it comes to investing smartly. We chart in plain view the very portfolio-building tools we use, like sector rotation, money flows, sector trends, leading indicators and more, so you become a better investor. In short, we become your own private team of expert analysts.


Market Insights

In addition to our bi-weekly Market Reports, each day we post (for subscribers-only) Daily Insights that chart what’s happening now, with commentary on why these current events matter to you. By each week’s end, you’ll have a treasure trove of core insights that prepare you for the week ahead.

Portfolio Solutions for All Investor Types

Yours to Choose...


Conservative Portfolio

The Conservative Portfolio is our trademark portfolio, built for investors seeking  above-average market return with minimal volatility. The Conservative Portfolio allocates to Storm Tracker cash, fixed income, equities, and alternative investments. Storm Tracker, a proprietary algorithm unique in the industry, aligns portfolio cash with market risk, providing critical protection when markets tumble.


Moderate Portfolio

The Moderate Portfolio is built for investors that seek higher return, yet are willing to take on moderately higher risk. The Moderate Portfolio allocates 50% less to Storm Tracker Cash, and therefor proportionately more to fixed income, equities, and alternative investments. The Moderate Portfolio is appropriate for investors that seek higher returns than provided by the Conservative Portfolio, yet with more volatility.


Aggressive Portfolio

The Aggressive Portfolio is built for investors that seek yet higher return, albeit with higher risk. The Aggressive Portfolio does not include a volatility-dampening Storm Tracker Cash allocation, favoring maximum concentration across fixed income, equities, and alternative investments. The Aggressive Portfolio, our highest-octane portfolio, concentrates investor capital across Portfolio Suggestions.