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Dabbler Signals Matter

The Dabbler

Like the majority of today’s investors, you’re someone who dabbles in the markets. This often (but not always) means you leave a bulk of your portfolio construction and management to an online or Main Street financial advisor or in a retirement account managed by corporate programs. These groups offer preset portfolios you select based upon your “risk profile”—i.e. Conservative, Moderate or Higher Risk. Likely Getting the Standard Treatment.

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The Auto-Pilot Investor

Like so many busy people and other market dabblers today, you likely surrender most of your investment management decisions to an online service, Main Street advisor, 401K program or even a fancy bank advisory service. These advisors, almost without exception, favor a largely passive, index-heavy, “buy and hold” portfolio approach supported by a time-tested (and easy to manage) faith in passive investing through up and down cycles. We appreciate the statistical evidence behind this “modern portfolio approach” approach, but frankly, we feel it’s the wrong path to be on in the post-‘08 markets.

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