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Success Stories

Success Stories


Edmund M.

Portland, OR - Experienced Investor

"Gents, the last few months have been a roller coaster, but I wanted to thank you personally for keeping me out of harm's way.

I followed your recommendations in February and made money while the markets were down over 30%. You're right - portfolios make money by not losing money, and slow and steady risk management is the way to get through the Twilight Zone, as Matt calls it.

The back-end signals on your site have made even a nervous-Nelly like me feel comfortable moving allocations around when needed. I really can't thank you enough for making this process so common-sense simple. I've stopped watching the financial news and just wait for your updates. Again many thanks."


Gunther R.

Dallas, TX - Auto-Pilot Investor

"Matt and Tom, what can I say? You guys have been consistently blunt and spot on.

My advisor at ------- kept telling me to hold tight, but had I listened to him, I'd not only be deep in the red today, but I'm sure I'd have an ulcer or two by now as well. I'm still being "advised" to stay passive and all-in, with only minor defense idea. No longer so sure. The market's ride has been way too bumpy.

I followed your risk-on recommendation in late 2019, as well as the risk-off percentages in early 2020 - and it kept me sane. Thanks to each of you for the cash percentage hedges - they've literally saved my butt while beating the S&P despite over 40% in protected cash. That's impressive to me. Keep it up."


Maria T.

New York, NY - Novice Investor

"The markets have never made sense to me, and I was referred to Signals Matter three years ago.

What a stroke of luck. Matt's reports were easy even for me, a 'market-chic' to understand.

I followed your lead and basically just phone in your weekly recommendations to my brother, who is a broker, and it made me feel a lot smarter and safer than a year ago. So glad to have stumbled upon Signals Matter and just wanted to scream it from the rooftops. Thanks, Matt and Tom!"


Ken L.

Boston, MA - Experienced Investor

"Matt, you had me at 'Hello' - or at least chapter 1 of Rigged to Fail.

Read your book in 3 sittings and jumped on your service on March 4th, just in time to avoid a disaster. Not sure, to be honest, how long this rigged game can last. I think the Fed can drag this market bubble on much longer than you do, but as you guys wrote, that really doesn't matter, as it's all about managing risk today and waiting for that bottom.

At my age, I can still afford a little more risk than some others, but at the same time, I can't afford to take another big hit, and I'm really grateful for your candor; it's pretty rare these days. The market information you guys have on the back-end makes me see that options are one thing, facts another. The fact is, you guys have kept me safe, and for that, my wife and I thank you. Bravo and keep it coming."


Tom B.

San Francisco, CA - Experienced Investor

"As someone who made a living pushing IPO's during the bubble of the late '90's, I thought I'd seen it all, but never expected markets to rise this high again with such levels of Powell-printing.

I've shared your views and lessons for years, which you've been signaling to others, and am glad to have the confirmation and support you offer on the subscriber portal to remind me I'm not losing my reason. Since last May, I've been essentially mirroring your recommendations and keeping my cash positions in line with Storm Tracker.

Still taking a bit more risk than you'd suggest, but I am basically on the same page. I totally appreciate the sectors signals. I've been stock-picking my own names from the sectors you monitor, and the results have been stead with far less vol. BTW your Sharpe and Sortino ratios are awesome. Nicely done. P.S. As someone who knows the IPO game, I loved how you skewered WeWork, but I think you might be wrong about Tesla."