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Why Join Signals Matter?

Our passion at Signals Matter is sharing knowledge and expertise with those outside of the Wall Street circles we know so well. This allows us to serve all investor types, not just the ultra-rich, with a truly-wealth-generating portfolio at an accessible price. Here are just a few reasons why we believe you should join Signals Matter now:

Like No Other Portfolio Solution in the Marketplace

As we've said before, we share Warren Buffett's belief that the key to making money starts by not losing it. When your portfolio loses 30% of its value, as it would have had you been invested in the S&P500 in March and April 2020, you would need to gain back another 60% just to break even. Not here. We make money by avoiding losses and diversify away from these kinds of concentrated risks so that your money continues to grow in any environment.

Learn What’s Really Going on in the Markets and Economy

Our service not only provides you with an actively managed portfolio solution, but also delivers everything you need to know about the markets and macro economy on a daily basis. You will not only be investing like Wall Street pros, but learning from us along the journey with the data that matters, not the media noise which does not. 

Access Expert Portfolio Managers... A Fraction of Wall Street's Price: For just $6.57 a day for our monthly plan ($197 a month) or $5.47 a day for our annual plan ($1,997 per year, 15% off), you'll be paying a fraction of the 2% on assets charged by most Wall Street advisors. Trust us, we have done the math. You should too. 

We Make Investing Easy

It takes minimal effort to maintain your portfolio. Simply follow our portfolio suggestions, updated weekly (daily if needed), and you are set. If you already have a portfolio, you can consider our suggestions as useful additions. Our subscribers use Signals Matter in a multitude of ways, as a core portfolio, as a satellite portfolio, or simply to know what questions to ask their advisors. 

Upgrade, or Cancel, at Any Time

If you join our monthly plan and like what you see, you can upgrade to our discounted, annual plan at any time. If you join our monthly plan, you are free to cancel at any time, with no hidden costs or traps. We want subscribers to feel confident about joining our service, so we make it as easy as pressing a button for you to unsubscribe.

Our Co-Founders Are the Best at What They Do

Our co-founders, Tom Lott and Matthew Piepenburg, have a unique wealth of expertise that they want to share with you. They feel deeply that it's time to give what were once exclusive insights to all investor types, especially in these uncertain and volatile times.

Meet Our Co-Founders


Portfolio Strategist


  • Yale University, Economics
  • Wharton Graduate School, MBA International Finance
  • World Bank, Division Manager, Europe
  • Morgan Stanley, Portfolio Manager, Financial Advisor
  • Headquarters Company, Private Equity
  • Commodity Trading Advisor, and, Commodity Pool Operator
  • Co-Author, Amazon's No#1 Release, Rigged to Fail
  • Vietnam Conflict, Intelligence Advisor to Navy Admiral Zumwalt

Macro Strategist


  • Brown University, BA, Magma Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa
  • University of Michigan Law School, Juris Doctor
  • Harvard University, Masters
  • Dresdner Bank, Germany
  • J.H. Johnson Family Office, General Counsel, CIO
  • Massey Quick & Co., Managing Director
  • Author, Amazon's No#1 Release, Rigged to Fail
  • Languages: English, French and German

More on Tom and Matt

Watch this brief video to follow our journey. 

Rigged to Fail - Now Published

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 9.53.20 AM

Despite the record-breaking (and frankly dangerous) market highs of the post-2008 "recovery," current securities markets are poised for an equally record-breaking and wealth destroying fall.

Rigged to Fail explains all of this with math, not opinions, and offers elegant approaches to protect informed investors from losing fortunes in the pending market storm. With over 50 combined years working in and among Wall Street’s top global banks, family offices and alternative investment funds, Matt and Tom bring an insider’s perspective that is free of fluff but rich with straight-talk, not sales talk.

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