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Matthew Piepenburg

Matthew Piepenburg

With over 20 years of experience as the General Counsel and, later, CIO of a highly-capitalized single family office (J.H. Johnson); as the Managing Director of a multi-billion, multi‐family office (Massey Quick & Co); and as the Managing Director to a multi-manager hedge fund specializing in managed futures, long/short credit trades and global macro dynamics), Matt has overseen the allocation of over $5 billion in investable assets over a full range of portfolios and alternative investment vehicles.

He has lead the quantitative and qualitative due diligence on hundreds of diverse hedge fund managers and strategies and has developed a unique expertise as to the best practices and diverse strategies of the world’s premier investment funds.

Matt graduated from Brown University, with highest honors (Magna Cum LaudePhi Beta Kappa). He holds a Master’s degree and Juris Doctor from Harvard University and the University of Michigan respectively. Fluent in French and German, (having also worked at Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt) he is the author of numerous international white papers on macro conditions, asset classes and global risk management strategies.

Following his engagements with family offices, Matt became involved in structuring an launching hedge funds working closely with Morgan Stanley in selecting, allocating, and sizing the diverse, top-quartile portfolio managers which comprise a zero-beta multi-manager fund. With over two decades of experience investing in alternative investment vehicles, including selection of the managers within the aforementioned fund, Matt contributes a deep understanding of the strategies employed by carefully vetted managers and has an equally extensive grasp of constructing uncorrelated, multi-product/security portfolios around market themes with an omnipresent focus on market analysis and risk management.

Matt’s collective expertise has forged a strong understanding of macro forces and their essential role in selecting the most efficient and timely strategies for long term asset preservation and growth in current conditions and those to come. His widely acclaimed and user-friendly blogs, straight-talk and conservative/defensive approach to investing are invaluable components of the Signals Matter community.