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Our Results

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Recent Performance

Signals Matter Signal Performance is up +26.09% for Calendar 2018 (through August 17), compared to up +7.04% for the S&P500 Index. Annualized returns are running at +45% and at are up +61% from inception (April 13, 2017). 

Investment Signals & Commentary

Signals Matter, LLC provides investment Signals to Subscribers Only via Signals Watch. These Buy Long, Sell Short, Hold and Exit Position Signals are provided for chosen Stocks and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) based upon proprietary algorithms and fundamental overlays which combined, solve for entering long-side trades when selected securities are oversold, and entering short-side trades when selected securities are overbought. Signals are triggered weekly and remain established pending technical or fundamental violation, at which time Signals are exited. Signal instruction and associated commentary is provided to Subscribers via the Subscriber’s own, personalized Dashboard which is updated daily with charts, commentary and end-of-day performance.

Relative Performance is a Poor Measure of Investing Success or Failure

Signals Matter seeks to provide Subscribers with reliable absolute returns described in Signals Matter’s FREE Investment Primer, without regard to a benchmark. While we have compared our returns in the Performance Chart above with the S&P500 Index to give readers clarity on performance against an Index they know, we do not measure our success by what the S&P500 may be doing on a relative basis. Rather, and importantly, we measure our success by our risk-adjusted performance, namely by performance ratios that measure rate of return as a function of the volatility required to achieve return, which Signals Matter believes is a superior approach.

Here’s What Matters

At Signals Matter, we let our profits run and cut our losses short, containing both downside volatility and absolute loss. The S&P500 is simply a market cap-weighted basket of stocks that is not risk-managed. S&P500 returns measure past performance of taking a long-only position in the underlying stocks. By contrast, Signals Matter effectively trades volatility, long and short, across strictly overbought and oversold securities. We take an independent view with our Signals, which is why our daily correlation with the S&P 500 is significantly negative. And we avoid excessive risk, which permits those upside returns to compound without a lot of downside. We earn our returns differently. That’s what matters. Not the S&P500.

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¹ Performance presented is verified by Signals Matter to reflect the model performance an investor may have obtained had it fully invested in each Signal (long and short) posted by Signals Matter from April 14, 2017 to the date reflected above and does not represent performance that any investor actually attained. Trade size and commissions are not considered. Model performance presented is based upon Signals Matter proprietary algorithms and fundamental overlay which combined, solve for entering long-side trades when selected securities are oversold, and entering short-side trades when selected securities are overbought. Long and Short Signals are triggered weekly and remain established pending technical or fundamental violation, at which time Signals are exited. Entry and Exit daily and weekly closing price data is sourced from Bloomberg LP. There can be no assurance that an investor will achieve profits or avoid incurring substantial losses by investing in the Signals presented by Signals Matter.  ² Sharpe Ratio measures the risk-adjusted performance of an investment by measuring the return of a trading strategy per unit of standard deviation, typically referred to as risk. The Sharpe Ratio above has been modified to exclude consideration of the risk-free rate in the numerator. ³ Sortino Ratio is a modification of the Sharpe Ratio above that penalizes only those periodic returns less than zero, to measure downside volatility only, rather than both upside and downside volatility as with the Sharpe Ratio. Signals Matter considers the Sortino Ratio a better measure of return-generating efficiency as it does not penalize returns for upside volatility. ⁴ Monthly Returns are daily returns summed for the month; Annual Returns are monthly returns compounded for the year. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Copyright © 2018 Signals Matter, LLC. All rights reserved.

What Our Subscribers Are Saying

"Finally, a safe place to land and get some straight data. You guys have built something above the bar here. Thanks for putting this together. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while."

Brett J.

Los Angeles, CA
Brett J

"Can’t thank Signals Matter enough! I’ve got my own advisor going on 11+ years now, but your approach helps me ask the kinds of questions I should have asked a long time ago. SM is the watchdog I need! There’s no crystal ball, but Signals Matter feels about as close to that as anyone can expect."

Ken L.

Boston, MA
Ken L

"I can commend this site with two words: “Recession Watch.” It’s a godsend."

Tracey W.

Salt Lake City, UT
Tracey W

"OK…This site just rocks! It’s like having my own team of analysts."

Grant J.

Greenwich, CT
Grant J

“I am extremely impressed with the content and layout of this website. Among some of the more attractive attributes I notice are the ease of maneuverability and accessibility. I especially like the FAQ’s and How It Works features. Indeed, it seems as though Signals Matter has carefully thought of every possible feature that a serious investor might want to know about investing, economic/financial trends, and working with your firm.”

James S.

Bethesda, MD
James S

"One or two clicks and everything I need is right in front of me. Trend Watch keeps me on my toes. Love this."

Jenifer W.

New York, NY
Jenninfer W

"These blogs are great. The bond and central banking categories give the context and answers I’ve been missing. Have decided to place my cash allocations within 20% of your cautionary percentage on the Recession Watch. This alone is worth the price of admission. Nicely done."

Gunther R.

Dallas, TX
Gunther R

"Thanks for that article on Bitcoin. I’ve stayed away from it because I haven’t trusted it. Now I know why."

Maria T.

New York, NY

"Can’t tell you enough how much better I feel having your signals to walk me through these markets. Whether the S&P keeps cranking up on Fed “steroids,” as you say, or hits that iceberg, I’ve looked at your indicators and they keep me honest. It seems those “steroids” are set to expire fairly soon. We’ll see. Thank-you!"

Thomas B.

San Francisco, CA
Thomas B.

“I’ve been personally managing my investments all of my life. And I’ve done quite well. But not this well! Where have you been? Such valuable trading Signals and so much content to back it up. This is what I call a value proposition. Brilliant!”

Mona H.

Bethesda, MD

"Thank you for this site. A few clicks and I finally get what a bond yield can tell me about the big picture. So basic, yet so totally confusing in the past. I was admittedly brain-numb on this."

Marc C.

San Francisco, CA
Marc C

"Wow, things make more sense now—like a light went on and all the that seemed confusing and unrelated is now gelling. Anyway, keep up the good work and thanks again. What a relief."

Wendy P.

Los Angeles, CA
Wendy P

"Thank you Signals Matter for this site. A few clicks and I finally get what a bond yield can tell me about the big picture. So basic, yet so totally confusing in the past to an admittedly brain-numb investor. Meanwhile the trades are humming. Feeling much safer knowing there’s a system behind me. You’re spot on: these markets have run straight passed old ways of measuring anything. Walking the line between safe trades and the larger risks ahead demands only a few minutes a day, and this site delivers."

Edmund M.

Portland, OR

“This website is just great. I do the trading for our family and I’m always looking for new trades. Signals Matter provides me a well-researched source for new trade ideas, even tells me why the trade is proposed, when to get in, how I am doing along the way, and when to get out. I’m thrilled!”

Carol N.

El Jebel, CO

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