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The Experienced Investor

You may be an experienced investor, so we won't bore you with Bollinger bands, Keltner channels, moving averages, relative strength and sector rotation. But if you'd like our broader guidance on tracking the big picture “macros” behind the scenes of your own trading strategies, then you’re going to want Storm Tracker, which tracks nearly 100 leading indicators to keep you in the know for just $195 bucks a year...

Experienced Trade Signals Matter
Storm Tracker Matters

If you’re already an experienced investor or trader, you likely have your own signals and methods that work for you. That said, you probably enjoy keeping up to date with where the broader trends are technically flowing, and you respect keeping a watchful eye on any approaching icebergs ahead without trusting crystal balls and other online “forecasters.”

Toward that end, you’ll appreciate our facts-only approach, where we track indicators that are familiar to seasoned investors and thus provide objectively-tracked market signals rather than pundit opinions. As a subscriber, you’ll get one-click, access that immediately identifies the best sectors, both national and global trend flows, along with highly sophisticated recession tracking data to better inform your own investing and trading approach.

So, if you’re an experienced investor with more than a cursory relationship with your Bloomberg terminal, you will appreciate our broader guidance.

We recognize that experienced investors tend to have (and rightfully trust) their own systems and styles. We get it. We're here to supplement, not undermine, what works for you.

Let Us Be Your Virtual Analyst

Instead, our aim is to act as a compliment to (rather than replacement of) your own trading approach.

Even the most active traders benefit from the carefully derived data points and market signals of other analysts. In many ways, Signals Matter is therefore like having your own private analyst –one who offers market facts and sector data yet doesn’t require a fat salary, lunch breaks or an annual bonus.

Our weekly Trend Watch, for example, provides you with a global map of the relative strength and weaknesses of global trends in equities, currencies, commodities, and credits. It includes succinct summaries and signals which you can employ at your discretion to confirm or test your own signals, or perhaps inspire a new direction or idea within your own trading strategy.

Iceberg Reminder

Finally, even the most macro-agnostic traders or CTA-minded trend followers need to occasionally step back and consider the macro backdrop in which they are trading. Whether you are a bond cowboy doing cap structure arbitrage or a CTA selling volatility with the VIX at basement levels and laughing (at least temporarily) all the way to the bank, it helps to take an occasional peek outside your backwardation and contango charts to see what the macro tea leaves are suggesting.

That’s where our Storm Tracker tool might be worth a deeper look.

We recognize that many traders scoff at the macro indicators, which are often years out of touch with the daily trades you are watching. But as many market veterans also know, eventually the macros catch up with the micros.

We ourselves love to get deep into the weeds of specific trades and daily option signals regardless of (i.e. “agnostic” to) the big picture of global markets. But we deeply understand the macros, and occasionally must remind ourselves that obsessing over daily arbitrage opportunities or Treasury spreads can eventually feel as silly as obsessing over chicken vs. fish on the Titanic’s dinner menu rather than seeing the icebergs ahead.

Our Storm Tracker is an objective, data-driven “iceberg watch” and a reminder of just how quickly things can turn from the sublime to the ridiculous. If you’re an experienced investor, then you are no stranger to market storms like 2000 and 2008, where even some of the “best and brightest” got slammed. Of course, no one, as you know, can perfectly time a market correction, but our industry-leading Storm Tracker is pretty unique, and was built with the same mind-set of Noah and his ark.

When did Noah build his Ark? Before the rain!

As for the meat on the Storm Tracker’s bones, we look at a myriad of technical factors to which we do apply subjective weightings to derive net bearish, net bullish and net neutral percentages for each month. The factors we are filtering and weighing include the yield on the 10-Year Treasury Note, a CTA-level analysis of global money flows, changes in sovereign yield curves, geopolitical insights from trading contacts, Emerging Market conditions, gold pricing, proprietary credit spread indicators, debt to GDP temperatures and more.

For each of the foregoing reasons, we hope you’ll give Signals Matter some thought as a potential (and virtual) analyst on your own experienced team—even if it is simply a team of one.

We also invite you (and your experienced perspective) to comment on our public blogs and add your valued insight, criticism or perspective. We love to hear from other market veterans and would appreciate your valued thoughts..

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