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The Novice

So, you don’t know much about investing or building a sound portfolio?

Maybe you don’t even have a portfolio?

Perhaps you delegate all your portfolio allocations (and money) to a registered investment advisor or popular online platform in whom you place a nervous trust and a percentage your own assets in annual fees?

Novice SIgnals Matter

Or maybe you think you need gobs of money or years of market experience to build an intelligent portfolio? More likely, perhaps you just think markets are too confusing, too mysterious or even too crazy to ever grasp or approach?

Maybe you just abhor thinking about investing. We understand…

We not only understand, but bluntly feel that if you're of that stripe that takes no pleasure in the securities markets, we recommend you keep your money out of these distorted markets and invested in low-risk money market accounts or those private fields you do understand. Truly.

Why such candor? Because we feel there's no way you will want to take the time to learn or manage something that doesn't interest you. That's fine. Really. Many people fit this profile and there’s not a thing wrong with this.

Help Is Here

But for those with a genuine interest in learning about managing money and their own carefully guided portfolio, including the forces at work in the global, macro economy, we can help.

We can reeeaaaallllly help.

Why? Because after 50 combined years at the highest levels of wealth management, investing and portfolio construction, we believe informed portfolio management not only protects your money, but helps it grow—and in these volatile times you'll need to do both.

We also believe that anyone with a sincere interest can learn the essential drivers of portfolio construction.

How Do We Help?

Baby steps, that's how.

In fact, you can begin your market education right now by simply reading our free eBook, The Investment Primer, a highly condensed "super primer" of our best (and bluntest) thinking. It will immediately put you many steps ahead of the average investor profile, regardless of your prior market inexperience. And for those looking to truly expand their market understanding, our longer book, Rigged to Fail, will put you miles ahead of the crowd.

Once a Signals Matter subscriber, you'll immediately receive a free copy of Rigged to Fail, which readers around the world have praised for its blunt-speak and clear mission to make the complexities of the market immediately less so.

You'll also have exclusive access to our online Signals Matter Market School, which provides plain-speak written, as well as video-based,  explanations of the key themes, definitions and economic conditions critical to quickly acquiring a top-tier market understanding.

Between our free Investment Primer, the Rigged to Fail book, and the Signals Matter Market School, you'll rapidly acquire a bit of market swagger and easily gain the confidence to manage your own portfolio or just reality-check advisors who might have otherwise intimidated you in the past.

And here's an unspoken secret among investment advisors: it's not that hard to do what they do—and do it better.

We give you a path to do this—and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than a Wharton MBA. We cut through the noise and straight to the chase—distilling decades of experience down to blunt-speak- insight.

In addition, our user-friendly Blogs, and constant Video Updates provide a continued market education, keeping you current on the market themes that truly matter today.

Reality Check Your Current Advisor

And again, if nothing else, Signals Matter means you'll be a far more informed client to your current advisor.

After all, we recognize that not everyone is or will be actively managing some or all of their own portfolio. That's fine. We think we can teach you to do it all yourself, but that's up to you.

Nevertheless, Signals Matter subscribers, even the most novice, will easily acquire the necessary confidence, data and signals to better assess, critique and guide their current advisors, and this alone makes you a safer, smarter and more engaged manager or co-manager of your own wealth and future.

Avoiding Market Cliffs

Most importantly, and given the specific risks we see (and make clear) in the coming market cycles, we are confident that you will be armed with the kind of knowledge, signals and market watches to protect and grow your wealth.

At Signals Matter, you'll know when it's time to allocate toward certain safe sectors or when it's time to go more to cash and avoid a market cliff. Most other investors, the ones who trust in conventional advice, will suffer the same conventional market drawdowns—and we see some big drawdowns ahead...

But soon you'll be in the know, not the red.

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