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Tom Lott & Matt Piepenburg, Co-Founders of Signals Matter, LLC


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Who Are Those Guys?

We, Thomas Lott and Matthew Piepenburg, the founders of, are a pair of seasoned investors with a passion for straight-talk. Our more formal credentials list Yale, Brown, Wharton, Harvard, The University of Michigan, The World Bank, Morgan Stanley, Dresdner Bank, General Counsel & CIO positions for leading family offices, as well as years as Commodity Trading Advisors and Hedge Fund Managers. But beware at the outset: these accolades and degrees from fancy schools, diplomas, investing credentials and institutions, both sublime and silly, do not well describe who we are.

Character and Experience

We are certainly proud of the work we have put in—both inside and outside the classroom, as well as inside and outside the world of banks, investing desks, hedge funds and family offices. But we also know this much is certain: character and experience is far more important to you, us and these markets than name dropping universities, titles or positions.

Trench Warfare

In short, we’ve been in the trenches of security investing, security law, security advising and security risk management for over 50 combined years. During this time, we have seen an extraordinary range of market cycles, market genius, buffoonery, integrity and a swath of good and bad actors.

Together, we’ve also served our country in the military and intelligence circles, with overseas postings and more than one or two close calls with being in harm’s way. We value our friends, our families, their education and the world they inhabit. The country and economy our generation has handed the next one, however, carries far more risk than the country, world and economy we were blessed to inherit. This concerns us., of course, will not, by itself, radically transform the problems facing America’s economy, today’s national and global market distortions or even the large ethical gaps within our advisory regulatory systems and bank practices.

Doing Our Part

But we do know this: one person, investor and Subscriber at a time, we can at least do our part and make this little corner of the investment universe one in which we and you can take mutual pride.
We’ve seen the passionate and we’ve seen the courageous-- men and women who love and respect market fundamentals, fiduciary honor and the challenges of portfolio (as well as wealth) management.
But we’ve also seen the asset-gatherers and the fellow-travelers, salesmen posing as advisors reheating conventional pabulum to build their client lists and fee models but giving no real attention to educating themselves or their clients about the nuts and bolts of portfolio construction, macro risk and investment management. With us: that won’t happen to you.


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Thomas Lott

Tom’s institutional experiences at the World Bank and Morgan Stanley bookend a career professional practiced in project finance, international lending, domestic and international private equity investing, derivatives trading as a CFTC-registered Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator, all manner of risk management, and to advising clients how to engage, diversify and contain risk on the investment side.

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Matthew Piepenburg

Matt’s collective expertise has forged a strong understanding of macro forces and their essential role in selecting the most efficient and timely strategies for long term asset preservation and growth in current conditions and those to come. His widely acclaimed and user-friendly blogs, straight-talk and conservative/defensive approach to investing are invaluable components of the Signals Matter community.

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