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Meet Tom and Matt, two market veterans frustrated and distressed that the best actively-managed portfolio solutions for ALL market environments are available to just a select few.  We are changing that today!


For over 50 combined years, we've been deep in the Wall Street trenches of Macro Economics, Wealth Management, Security Trading & Investing, Portfolio Construction, Risk Management, Security Law and more. Our professional credentials are transparent and speak for themselves.


But who is speaking to YOU?


Whether you are on your own or already have a financial advisor, 401K administrator or IRA consultant down the street, you are likely wondering if you are getting all the facts on both the immense risks and opportunities facing the post-08 markets, and thus your invested dollars.


We designed Signals Matter to be an affordable online solution to the critical questions, concerns and facts you are likely not receiving from the consensus-thinking “advice” currently in vogue.


Although proudly (and profitably) contrarian, we are neither fear-sellers nor hope-peddlers—just blunt realists who have designed a portfolio approach and simple service that investors of any level of experience or income can easily employ on their own or share with their selected portfolio managers.


At Signals Matter, we combine the best of risk-management with patient opportunism to keep your portfolio both profitable and protected as market conditions melt up, sideways, and inevitably downward, for despite what some may tell you, the Fed has not outlawed recessions or market storms.


Most importantly, we back our portfolio guidance with market facts not bull or bear opinions, and we arm you with the same so that you can take greater and wiser control over your financial future without having to go to sleep each night wondering if your decisions are sound rather than hopeful guesses or blind faith in a typical pie-chart portfolio plan.


Bluntly, and despite over a decade of markets melting upwards, our signals point to choppy waters ahead, and thus our singular aim is to make sure you are PREPARED rather than OVERWHELMED by these changes. If so, you will be making generational returns while others suffer generational losses.


Which means, regardless of who you are or how much experience you have, we can help make you a better (and calmer) investor—and longer term, a far wealthier one.

Pic Tom & Matt

Tom Lott & Matt Piepenburg

Our Free Investment Primer

Gain instant access to the investing insights and secrets of your Signals Matters crew Two veteran investors who left Wall Street’s exclusive banks, hedge funds and family offices to share their insights with the real world, not the stuffy one In one sitting with our condensed Investment Primer, you’ll easily learn the fundamentals of over fifty combined years of market analysis, portfolio construction and prudent risk management.

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Discover How Storm Tracker Keeps Your Portfolio Safe - For FREE

Signals Matter Storm Tracker is our starting point when it comes to assessing global risk, the proximity of the next recession and the amount of current cash you should be safeguarding at any particular time. In this 5-Part Series, we breakdown the importance of GDP, Trend Patterns, Leading Indicators, Yield Curves and our proprietary timing indicator, Déjà Vu – all components of Storm Tracker. To trust Storm Tracker, this is a must-read Series, available by clicking below. 

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Come and sit next to successful investors.

Enjoy the conversation and invest better.


Just a quick “surf” through our acclaimed Market Reports or a deeper dive into our free Investment Primer or our soon-to-be-published book, Rigged to Fail - An Insider's Take on the Ill-Fated Economic Voyage Ahead and you’ll immediately discover aspects of the markets and investing that no one has likely ever disclosed to you...until now.

We will share with you the investment advice and hard facts that for years have been available only to an exclusive circle of the world’s wealthiest families and individuals.

We avoid generic advice and the mis-influence of the financial media. Instead, we provide recommendations driven by market signals rather than market prompt readers or personal bias. Our guidance is backed by graphical confirmations and detailed analyses that will help you make informed investment decisions with genuine peace of mind rather than second-guessing.

Learn how to better understand market behaviors with simple language. Gain access to the leading insights and best practices necessary to protect what you have and make your money grow in any economic environment.

Look no further.

You just found the online investment solution that provides better advice than anything found on Wall Street. How do we know? Because we've been there... See for yourself … it's only a mouse click away at a price you can afford!

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