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How It Works


Clear stock signals every week (Buy, Sell, Sell Short & Exit)
Clear market trend updates daily & weekly, with commentary
A monthly Recession Watch that tracks icebergs to protect you from another “08 Moment”
Podcasts, blogs, a market library and video commentary on current financial matters

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Signals Watch

Our Weekly Signals Watch Constantly Scans 1,000+ Securities, Providing Trade Ideas (Long and Short) Across Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's)

Signals Watch exhibits and updates weekly a list of securities to buy, sell, sell short and exit. Selected securities are posted following extensive technical and fundamental filtering, resulting in high conviction and trade confidence.

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Trend Watch

Our Weekly Trend Watch Tracks Current Market and Market Sector Conditions Across the Globe

Trend Watch provides a weekly “Spider Chart” that showcases global trends in Market Conditions, Global Equities, Global Bonds, Global Currencies and Global Commodities. Global Trends matter and often provide early signals as to changing economic conditions and investment opportunities.

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Recession Watch

Our Recession Watch  Provides Advance Warning Of Icebergs Ahead and Further “08 Moments”

Recession Watch provides a monthly “Heat Map” and associated commentary that describes Bullish, Cautionary and Bearish market conditions derived from experienced interpretation of macro and micro data gathered from over 100 constantly-updated screens, charts and proprietary indicators.

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Podcasts, Blogs and Video Updates

Our Ship's Radio Constantly Communicates and Informs

Signals Matter constantly publishes Podcasts, Blogs and Video Updates that sift through the fog of the main-stream-financial-media and distill the noise down to candid commentary on everything from broad macro trends (geopolitics and central bank policies) to security and asset-specific observations in the stock, bond and real estate markets.

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The Market School

Video Lectures and White Papers on Everything from Stocks to Macro Economics

At Signals Matter, we place a premium on market education based upon the notion that informed investors make better decisions. The Market School offers a broad range of quick video lectures on everything from stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities to portfolio construction tips and to discussions and white papers that focus on macro themes, central bank distortions and more.

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Meet Your Crew

About the Founders of Signals Matter

Thomas Lott and Matthew Piepenburg founded Signals Matter to inform Subscribers at a higher, quicker and more intimate level than is typical on Main Street, based upon their 50+ combined years within The World Bank, Morgan Stanley and outside of the institutional environment as CIO’s of hedge funds and family offices.

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We study mountains of complex market data that understandably bores normal folks and which conventional advisors either ignore or don’t grasp. We then distill hundreds of indicators into simple to understand active signals, clearly telling you which securities are safe to buy, sell, and how the overall market is trending.

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