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Why Join Signals Matter?

Here's Who Subscribes

Profiles of People that Subscribe

  • People that want to enjoy market beating returns with minimal risk.
    We beat the markets with less volatility and less downside risk.
  • People that want to actively own their financial future by managing there own portfolio.
    Take control of your finances.
  • People that want to learn the truth about the economy and the investment environment.
    Wall Street and the Federal Reserve are not telling you the truth.
  • People that want to invest like the top 1%.
    We've been there, done that. It's your turn now. 

Who are we?




Yale University, Economics
Wharton Graduate School, MBA International Finance
World Bank, Division Manager, Europe
Morgan Stanley, Portfolio Manager, Financial Advisor
Headquarters Company, Private Equity
Commodity Trading Advisor, Commodity Pool Operator
Co-Author, Amazon's No#1 Release, Rigged to Fail
Vietnam Conflict, Intelligence Advisor to Navy Admiral Zumwalt




Brown University, BA, Magma Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa
University of Michigan Law School, Juris Doctor
Harvard University, Masters
Dresdner Bank, Germany
J.H. Johnson Family Office, General Counsel, CIO
Massey Quick & Co., Managing Director
Author, Amazon's No#1 Release, Rigged to Fail
Languages: English, French and German

More on Tom and Matt

Please click on this brief video to follow our journey. 

Why Are We Doing This?

Here Are Four Good Reasons.

  • Because we want to give back. 
    We've had a good run. It's your turn now. 
  • Because we care about Main Street.
    Main Street has been largely left out. We're changing that. 
  • Because we see double-trouble ahead.
    Rising interest rates could pound both stocks and bonds together.
  • Because we feel strongly the system is Rigged to Fail
    We even wrote a book about it. 
Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 9.53.20 AM


Rigged to Fail - Now Published

Despite the record-breaking (and frankly dangerous) market highs of the post-2008 "recovery," current securities markets are poised for an equally record-breaking, and wealth destroying fall.

Rigged to Fail explains all of this with math, not opinions, and offers elegant approaches to protect informed investors from losing fortunes in the pending market storm. With over 50 combined years working in and among Wall Street’s top global banks, family offices and alternative investment funds, Matt and Tom bring an insider’s perspective that is free of fluff but rich with straight-talk, not sales talk. 

How is this different from other portfolios in the market?

Points of Product Differentiation

  • There aren't any other portfolios in the public domain that do what we do.
    There is tremendous value-add if you construct portfolios the right way.
  • We make money by losing less.
    Smart investing is about containing losses while letting those profits run.
  • Our portfolios are "risk-adjusted" to keep you safe.
    We'll teach you what "risk-adjusted" means, and why it matters.
  • We actively manage our portfolio suggestions to stay a step ahead.
    Active portfolio management beats passive hands down when risks rise. 

How much time does it take to manage our portfolio suggestions?

That Depends

  • Actually, it's up to you. 
    Some spend minutes. Others spend hours. Others days.
  • Minimally, 10-minutes a week.
    Simply log-in to your Dashboard. It's all there. 
  • Maximally, 1-hour a week.
    Our weekly updates are packed with useful information that matters. 
  • Or more, if you take full advantage of our zeal to educate.
    Our Market Reports and Market School are packed with educational materials. 

What exactly do I get when joining this service?

Here Are a Few Top-Line Benefits

  • You get real-time access to our portfolio suggestions and performance.
    Portfolios and portfolio performance are displayed and updated in real-time. 
  • You get to see up close how we make portfolio decisions.
    You've probably never seen diversification like this. 
  • You get to talk to us whenever you want.
    Call 844-545-5050 to schedule a call or Zoom meeting with our Co-Founders.
  • You get to invest like the top 1%.
    It's about time. 

I already have a portfolio. How do I integrate with Signals Matter?

There Are Many Ways

  • You could diversify your holdings and approach to investing.
    Meaningful diversification contains portfolio volatility.
  • You could cherry-pick our portfolio suggestions to combine with your own. 
    Ok by us. Add our suggestions to your existing portfolio.
  • You could learn from our approach and use for yourself.
    Learn from our tools and build portfolios on your own.
  • You could just decide to switch altogether. 
    And leave the driving to us. 

How much does it cost?

Wall Street Advice at a Fraction of the Cost

  • $197 monthly.
    That's $6.57 a day, the cost of a café-latte and the morning paper. 
  • Or $1,997 annually, for a 15% discount. 
    Take advantage. Consider this as a long-term investment. 
  • Less than your return.
    Our portfolio suggestion cover your costs. 
  • A fraction of the cost of a Wall Street financial advisor.
    Wall Street advisors can cost 2% of your assets. Do the math. We're cheaper.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Our Cancellation Policy

  • Of course. 
    If this is not for you, we get it. 
  • Monthly subscribers may cancel on 30-days notice. 
    After a month of our content, we doubt you'll walk away. 
  • Annual subscribers need not renew. 
    Annual subscribers renew automatically, with plenty of advance notice to change your mind.
  • Simply go to My Account and click "Cancel My Subscription." 
    Cancellation is easy and transparent. 

Further questions?

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  • How to get started.
    Get stated with our Free Investment Primer.
  • Where you should go first. 
    Start with your personalized Dashboard.
  • The difference between a portfolio service and a trading service.
    A portfolio service takes investing to a whole new level.
  • Why so much market commentary?
    Informed subscribers make for the best investors. 
  • And more...

Who should join us?

Our Investor Profiles

  • Investors that seek to safely outperform.
    Our investors let their profits run, but cut their losses short. 
  • Investors that seek protection in stormy weather.
    Our Storm Tracker tool protects in all market environments.
  • Investors that consider risk first, then reward.
    Containing risk always comes first. 
  • Investors who buy at bottoms, not tops.
    Tops are risky. Bottoms provide opportunity to build generational wealth. 

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