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2020 Summer Markets: Report & Video

2020 summer markets

Thirty Minutes of Matt’s Goofy Face Yet Serious Thoughts on the 2020 Summer Markets

For today’s market report, I’m doing a 2020 summer markets video, thereby sparing you a link-heavy example of my market prose yet saddling you instead with 30 minutes of my goofy face yet fact-serious thoughts on:

  1. Explaining the rising market’s total disconnect from the tanking real economy;
  2. How the artificial bond market signals the future of the stock market;
  3. The hidden shark fins circling the current securities bubbles; and
  4. Simple signals, strategies and key assets needed to protect your wallet and portfolio.

So, grab a cold (or hot) drink, hit play and share my current thoughts on the 2020 summer markets by CLICKING HERE.


Matthew Piepenburg

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