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Gold’s Bull, Bear & Bitcoin Debate

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Bitcoin debate

Gold’s Bull, Bear & Bitcoin Debate

Below we give a sober analysis of the bull and bear case for gold as well as shed needed light

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Bitcoin, Gold and Polo Ponies?

Below we compare Bitcoin with gold as: 1) a store of value, 2) a wealth preservation tool and 3) as

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U.S. dollar

The U.S. Dollar & Golden Advice

Below we look once again at the U.S. dollar. Certainty in a Time of Uncertainty Well…It’s now two days since

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The Investor's Podcast

The Investor’s Podcast Part II: Robo-Markets, Dip-Buyers, Bitcoin, Gold and the Fed “Put”

The Investor’s Podcast with Robert Leonard Part II of my conversation with The Investor’s Podcast and Millennial Investing host, Robert

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gold investing

Gold Investing in a Post-COVID World

Ever since Signals Matter first began reporting on the topic of gold investing in 2017, many subsequent reports have followed,

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Big Market Questions

The Big Market Questions: Stocks, Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation, Gold and Bonds

Stagflation ahead? Deflation? Inflation? Will stocks hit new highs or new lows? What about gold? Are bonds safe going forward?

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dollar and inflation

The Dollar and Inflation and Gold—Just Follow the Money

Questions about the dollar and inflation and gold continue to rise.  Let’s follow the money and address the same. 35

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gold investing

Revisiting Gold Investing

Gold investing remains on our minds, and we explain why below. 30 shares We’re on a journey together through a

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buy gold

Buy Gold –Insurance In a Fiat World

For months, readers have been inundating us with questions about precious metals and whether or not they should buy gold.

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Debt and Currency Risk Rising to the Surface: Another Case for Gold?

  Below we look at rising debt levels, the currency risk that follows central bank debt “solutions” and why gold

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