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Trump, Biting the Hands that Feed Him? Questions on Fiscal Stimulus

Fiscal Stimulus  Below, we look at the odds of a meaningful fiscal stimulus, debt ceiling solution or a budget and

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Signals Matter Investment Approach: Short Signals Watch – Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. | Short Signals Watch Below, we use the Chipotle short signals watch as a trade example

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Are We Catching a Dangerous Market Wave?

Dangerous Market Wave Below, we’ll look at the risks suggested by the Russell 2000, European junk bonds, and Chinese debt

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The Inflation CPI Lie : BLS Posers…

The Inflation CPI Lie: BLS Posers… Below we look at the lies and distortions in inflation CPI   reporting by the Bureau

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Quantitative Tightening : Will It Cause Higher Bond Yields and Lower Market Returns?

The Big “Yawn” & the Recent Quantitative Tightening Announcement The Federal Reserve’s infamous post-08 policy of expanding the money supply

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Our Bull & Bear Secret Philosophy to Making Money

Our Bull & Bear Secret Philosophy to Making Money Are stock returns really that strong? How does one consider market

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How Signals Matter Balances Market Risk & Market Uncertainty

Trading Bubbles—A Question of Market Uncertainty As we at Signals Matter continue to out-perform this market bubble while simultaneously marveling

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No Accountability for Our National Accounting

National Accounting: Making Money in Debt-Driven Markets—Market Crisis or Not As markets continue to make new highs on the back

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Negative Yields and a Bumpy September Ahead?

Negative Yields: The Cruelest Month T.S. Elliot described April as the cruelest month, but if one slides from poetry to

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A Bull and Bear Case for the Little Guys — Small Cap Stocks in Global Markets.

The Market Twilight Zone Continues As Twilight Zone market conditions of suppressed volatility, low rates, central bank steroids and nosebleed

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