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Signals Matter Swaps Thoughts with Investor’s Podcast Host, Robert Leonard

Investor's Podcast

I spoke with Robert Leonard of The Investor’s Podcast not long ago and wanted to share the same.

The weekend is approaching, which means many of you are weary of charts, graphs, COVID surges and just about everything else that passes for a headline these days.

Frankly, so am I…

I’m itching to turn off my cell phone for a day or two, as the news just about everywhere is anything but inspiring…

Thus, in the spirit of sparing your eyes and honoring your ears, we thought we’d make today’s report a one-click listen rather than multi-click read.

Millennial Investing by The Investor’s Podcast Report

I recently interviewed with Robert Leonard. Robert hosts a fantastic platform for interviewing a wide range of market and investment veterans whose insights provide food for thought for all of us—millennial to centennial.

The full interview with Robert can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Robert poses a lot of excellent and timely questions, including topics pertaining to: 1) hedge funds, 2) family office best practices, 3) the dangers of market timing and 4) the on-going tug-of-war between tanking economic data and Fed-supported market peaks and valleys.

We hope the conversation raises an eyebrow and keeps investors ever-vigilant as to the risks and opportunities ahead.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Matt & Tom


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