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The Investor’s Podcast Part II: Robo-Markets, Dip-Buyers, Bitcoin, Gold and the Fed “Put”

The Investor's Podcast

The Investor’s Podcast with Robert Leonard

Part II of my conversation with The Investor’s Podcast and Millennial Investing host, Robert Leonard, is now available HERE. It continues the themes begun in Part I of our conversation last week on The Investor’s Podcast.

In this informal but engaging discussion, Robert and I discuss familiar but highly important topics such as value investing, dip-buying, robo-markets, the rise of Bitcoin, my take on gold and, of course, the omnipresent role of central bank intervention in market direction and market distortion.

Toward this end, we also address the classic question which investors ask in every market bubble limping toward an historical tipping point, namely: “Is it different this time?”

In other words, will markets today, unlike in the past, somehow be saved by technology, central bank “accommodation” and new policies designed to outlaw a recession?

As our readers can likely guess by now, you already know my answer to that question 😊

Again, for more on this and many other timely questions, simply click HERE and enjoy the dialogue on The Investor’s Podcast.


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