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smart portfolio

Smart Portfolio Pleasure in a Week of Market Pain

Now, more than ever, investors need a smart portfolio … Well, as markets just saw their worst week since the

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sick markets

Sick Markets or Just Virus Blame?

Sick virus or just sick markets? Equity and other risk markets saw sharp declines on Friday and into this week,

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market fundamentals

Market Fundamentals Officially Don’t Matter Anymore

It’s official folks, market fundamentals are no longer needed so long as the Fed has our back–which it will eventually

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dangerous Fed

Why I Don’t Feel Sorry for the Dangerous Fed

Many understandably feel that the Fed has saved us; after all, portfolios are enjoying the greatest percentage rise ever seen

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Market Questions

The Four Most Important Market Questions

Below, we examine what we consider to be the four most important market questions every investor should be thinking about.

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Quantitative Easing

Quantitative Easing Is Back-My Advice: Markets Are Gonna Soar!

Quantitative Easing is back folks, and that just means one thing: Risk on! Party on! 46 shares Folks, I had

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market fat pitch

The Fed Just Gave You a Market FAT Pitch

Below, we look at a market Fat pitch, compliments of the Fed’s strong right arm–a money printing fast ball that

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Twilight Zone Markets

Twilight Zone Markets

These are, well…Twilight Zone markets. Below, we explain why. 25 shares Last week was crazy in the markets, and this

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Euro Dollar

Dollar Liquidity: The Euro Dollar Time Bomb No One Hears Ticking

Almost no one understands the dangers coming out of the Euro Dollar market and what the lack of liquidity (i.e.

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Repo Market

Ongoing Repo Market Questions – Proof of a Rigged Market

The repo market just imploded, and we answer your questions below. 54 shares In the wake of last week’s repo

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