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The American Institute for Economic Research, Matt’s Advice to Policy-Makers: Tell the Truth

The American Institute for Economic Research

Below, we share a recent interview with the American Institute for Economic Research, wherein I give some direct advice to global politico’s and fiscal policy makers.

Podcasts mean a welcome break from my long-winded and link-heavy written words and a chance instead to listen to my long-winded and link-free spoken words… 😉

For other recent interviews on these Fed-driven and price-distorted markets, feel free to click here, here and here.

The American Institute for Economic Research

The brief interview covers a lot of ground as to man-made market forces, bubbles and risks.

Below, we discuss the natural forces (i.e. debt and currency dilution) which will one day humble current financial elites and grossly over-valued securities markets.

Also included is a discussion on the biggest mistakes most investors commit as well as advice on the best practices and investments that informed investors can make to ensure a safe navigation through an economic backdrop that is anything but rational.

We hope you enjoy the exchange below and, as always: Stay safe, stay informed, stay sane and stay tuned.


Matt & Tom



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