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Summer stock market forecast

Market Charts We Use to Track Stock Direction

We use a litany of market charts and data points to better inform the probability of an up or downward

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Introducing the Signals Matter Storm Tracker Cash Allocation Tool

Below we look at cash allocation recommendations driven by our proprietary Storm Tracker tool. 23 shares This week my daughter

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Recession and Inflation Con-Job

There’s a recession and inflation con-job blowing at full speed. 15 shares There’s much talk these days about a future

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Chinese Growth

China’s REAL “Growth” Story Sends Ominous Message

  7 shares  China’s real growth story ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. The media cheerleaders are back at

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French Money Printing: A History Lesson in Crazy

Below we look at French Money printing circa 1793…You’ll quickly see a dangerous pattern similar to American politics, QE and

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unemployment lie

The Unemployment Lie

44 shares. Here we look bluntly at the unemployment lie that has been in play in US markets. The political

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Debt and Currency Risk Rising to the Surface: Another Case for Gold?

  Below we look at rising debt levels, the currency risk that follows central bank debt “solutions” and why gold

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Powell, the Fed and the Art of Faking It.

Below, we look at Jerome Powell’s recent capitulation to Wall Street, inflation reality, the danger of trusting the Fed and

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US Pension Funds

Modern Markets & US Pension Funds Having a Gallipoli Moment.

  Below, we look at the historical parallels between prior military disasters and the current market calamity unfolding around us.

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2018 Market Review

Thinking Hard About 2018 and the Year Ahead—Market Warnings.

  Below, we get philosophical and financial, looking back on the year that was 2018 and what its condition portends

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